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More Favorites


  1. Monu-chan Moderator Dec 25, 2015


  2. myri-chan Jul 27, 2015

    Happy Birthday Xoka :)

  3. Hakaru Moderator Apr 19, 2015

    Thanks for the fav.

  4. Masterchief80 Mar 27, 2015

    Thanks a lot Xoka for your favs on Trinity Seven scans.

  5. ndox900 Mar 21, 2015

    big thank you for the +fav :]

  6. Painter Mar 20, 2015

    Thank you for the fav :)

  7. Masterchief80 Mar 19, 2015

    Thanks for your all favs on Ikkitousen scans Xoka.

  8. Steffi1690 Moderator Mar 17, 2015


  9. myri-chan Mar 16, 2015

    Quote by XokadaidRainquesteryeah there were some touchy moments which were nice . ah damn it ghazi and her text scared me again ! stupid phone!

    it's not easy for her you know just be patient (^_^)'

  10. myri-chan Mar 16, 2015

    Quote by XokadaidRainquester woah that deedee pissed me off lol

    but their relation is touching too ...she loves her bro so much she can't resist to annoy him XD


  11. myri-chan Mar 16, 2015

    Quote by XokadaidRainquesteraha i don see >_< hehe. well i used to watch it when i was a kid. liked the nerd stuff they did :D i guess u like it

    :D yeah i like dexter's lab cartoon very much ^^ i like how the poor dexter he's annoyed by his sister deedee Lol

  12. myri-chan Mar 16, 2015

    Quote by XokadaidRainquester I se waht u chu did thele! haha . and hello hello ^__^
    wha' cha doin' ?

    ^-^ well i was just checking some new scans here in the black butler galleries ^^
    do you like dexter's lab Xokie ? :3

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